Old Palette, New Tricks


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199 US-7 South

Milton, Vermont 05468, US


Old Palette, New Tricks

Friday, February 5th, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm


With only three colors, plus white, we will explore the subtle and earthy palette of the Old Masters. Begin by testing a wide range of hues, and then complete a small composition utilizing Rembrandt's simple and dramatic technique of chiarascuro, or stark lights and darks. No prior experience necessary, and only a few materials required, for this fun mini art history class!



Oil paint is preferred, but acrylic will work as well.


At least one of each color group:

YELLOWS: yellow ochre, naples yellow, raw sienna

REDS: burnt sienna, Venetian red, Indian red

BLUES: ultramarine, Indigo



A variety of brushes:

round, flat, filbert

sizes between 2 - 12


A small painting surface:

no smaller than 5" x 7" no larger than 12" x 16"

Canvas paper, Canvas board, Stretched canvas all acceptable


Paper towels and/ or rags

Water (if using acrylic or water soluble oils)